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It was working with amazing people that brought me to Inspirational Vibration Painting. The path from Physiotherapy to Counselling through to Healing Therapy all flowed  into this space
I set myself 21 years ago to take on what I was teaching. Go with what gives you joy and satisfaction.  So I threw myself into painting. I wanted to express myself with colour and shape and flow. Many teachers and groups followed as I moved along this path.

I also found a teacher in Stained Glass during this period. I loved the structure and detail and method of this new way of working. The colours and textures and the way the light comes through the glass is truly magical. I worked with glass for 4 or 5 years but as the body aged I had to retire myself reluctantly.

On returning to painting in oils two years ago, after a fallow period of Creativity, I found a flow to my painting that is very different from what it was before. Quite abstract but much more from the unconscious element of myself. Drawing in the Vibrational aspects of feelings and colour to flow to the canvas.


What will be observed is different to each person as the painting will vibrate at a different frequency and so it will intrigue, give joy, puzzle and work on many different levels. It only remains for me to say-  Enjoy and go with the flow.

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